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The Compliance Center in Cloud Advisor provides information on compliance with CIS, PCI DSS and GDPR in the cloud infrastructure.


Detailed information

Functionality shows which regulations are met and which are not, and which resources are non-compliant.


Reports for stakeholders

The report can be downloaded in PDF format to provide information about the state of cloud security and compliance with various standards to stakeholders (management, auditors, partners, customers, etc.).


CABP standard

Additionally, the Compliance Center also validates the cloud against the Cloud Advisor Best Practice (CABP) and Cloud Advisor Best Practices for Managed Kubernetes (CABP-MK) standards. CABP is a consolidated standard for secure and efficient cloud use based on CIS, CSA CCM, and recommendations from cloud providers and security experts around the world. CABP-MK is a standard for the safe and effective use of Managed Kubernetes, extending Kubernetes CIS with additional security, fault tolerance, and performance recommendations. Currently, CABP and CABP-MK contain more than 1,200 recommendations.


Notifications and teamwork

If a violation of standard requirements is detected that requires an immediate response, Cloud Advisor will notify the responsible person by email, Telegram, or create a task in Jira.