Cloud Advisor


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Cost optimization

Detection of unused and underutilized resources, recommendations for choosing the optimal resources for virtual machines.


Underutilized resources

The load of many resources does not exceed 1-5%, however, the organization pays 100% of their cost. In this case, the product will recommend choosing a less powerful VM and give recommendations on the number of cores that can provide its load. Cloud Advisor calculates the possible savings for each of the resources that can be optimized and displays recommendations for achieving them.


Unused resources

Cloud Advisor identifies unused resources. For example, virtual machines without any load, old disk images, databases that were created for a purpose but are not currently being used and yet are included in the total bill.

Alerts grouping

Cloud Advisor groups alerts by higher-order entities. For example, if virtual machines are underloaded, are nodes of Managed Kubernetes, and are part of the same node group, Cloud Advisor will issue a single "Node group is underloaded" alert for all virtual machines instead of multiple alerts for each virtual machine.



In Cloud Advisor, you can add employees with different visibility and access rights. In this way, each of the employees will only have access to information on possible cost optimization in their part of the infrastructure. At the same time, the manager has the ability to observe savings data for each of the project teams.


Enforcement of FinOps policies

Cloud Advisor provides the ability to formulate and enforce your own rules for using the cloud. For example:

  • Resources without a specific tag (e.g., "cost-center" or "owner")
  • New virtual machines with number of GPUs/vCPUs > 10
  • No more than 50 vCPUs in a project

If the rules are violated, Cloud Advisor will notify the responsible person by email, Telegram or create a task in Jira.