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When the cloud contains hundreds or thousands of different objects deployed in dozens of different accounts/folders/projects, the issue of inventory and visibility of the cloud infrastructure becomes acute.



The Insights module stores data about all cloud resources in a single database and provides a flexible query language to retrieve information that facilitates cloud monitoring and management. For example:

  • VMs with privileged rights
  • List of public IP addresses and the resources to which they are assigned
  • List of VMs linked to a particular security group
  • List of databases and the account (folder) in which they are located
  • Resources without a specific tag (e.g., "cost-center" or "owner")
  • VMs deployed from unauthorized images
  • Privileged rights granted to users who are not on the list of known administrators

More than 90 pre-defined queries are already included in the Insights module.

Custom queries

Cloud Advisor provides the ability to create your own queries in GraphQL. Cloud Advisor engineers have added additional extensions and operators to GraphQL for more accurate and flexible query construction. This powerful tool allows you to build a query to a graph database of resources of almost any complexity, for example: “All virtual machines in the prod folder that have the tag owner = "petr" and linked to a service account with the admin or editor role" . Moreover, you can specify in the query text what data you want to get in the response for each of these virtual machines. You can create your own queries in the Cloud Advisor web console or send them via the API available to users.